Mia's First Year: The Diary Archives

These are the archives of an on-line diary that I used to keep called Mia's First Year. It's about my daughter Mia, and her first year with Jenn and I.

For a year, I tried to write a daily note about Mia's growth, and the changes in our life thanks to her. I stopped writing this diary on April 9, 2002, after she turned one.

Each link on the right takes you to a week's worth of postings. The weekly links are in order from her birth through her first birthday party.

Even though I no longer write about Mia's life in this online diary, and I no longer post pictures of Mia at the Mia Picture Site, I still write the questionable Rick's Ramblings.

Email: rickumali@gmail.com

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03/04/2001 - 03/10/2001
A portentious fortune cookie for Mommy Jenn.
03/25/2001 - 03/31/2001
Birth announcement for Mia.
04/01/2001 - 04/07/2001
A visit from Grandma (Mom's side). Sleepless nights. The projection clock. Time management with a newborn (not!).
04/08/2001 - 04/14/2001
Elvis and Mia. Belly button. Mia and the mall. Mia's first bath. Umbilical cord 'stump' falls.
04/15/2001 - 04/21/2001
Mia watching a soccer match (not!). BabyBjörn Baby Carrier. Ohhs and Ahhs from the dentist's waiting room. Mia crying. Mia's social security number arrives. Mia smiling (we think).
04/22/2001 - 04/28/2001
Pacifier. Daddy Rick feeding Mia. Mia and the monitor. A visit from Grandma and Grandpa (Dad's side). A walk with Mia.
04/29/2001 - 05/05/2001
Mia napping with Mommy Jenn. Mia crying. Growth charts. Hepatitis shot. Weighing Mia.
05/06/2001 - 05/12/2001
Mia and our marriage. Mia calming down. Our first call to the pediatrician.
05/13/2001 - 05/19/2001
Saving for college. Child birth reunion class. Mia making noise. Mia slept through the night! Mia winked at Mommy Jenn.
05/20/2001 - 05/26/2001
Putting Mia to sleep gets harder. Diapers. Mia (somehow!) continues to sleep through the night.
05/27/2001 - 06/02/2001
Thoughts on Mia sleeping. A trip to Grandma's.
06/03/2001 - 06/07/2001
Mia meets an uncle (my brother, Ron). Visiting our neighbor's. Pediatrician visit. Tylenol in a dropper, and formula.
06/10/2001 - 06/16/2001
Two bottles of formula. Playing more. High chair. Visiting my old office. Stay-at-home-Dads on Oprah. Larger nipples on bottles. Opening a Section 529 college savings plan. Getting into daycare.
06/17/2001 - 06/23/2001
First father's day. Whoozit and friends. Going back to work. Less time with Mia.
06/24/2001 - 06/30/2001
Baptism. Dr. Seuss. Mia becoming talkative. Mr. Buggity. Report of Mia's first laugh. Changing Mia's diapers in the mall.
07/01/2001 - 07/07/2001
Getting Mia to laugh myself. Who is Magdalena? Mia's first two days at daycare. Signs of teething. New noise. Visiting the hairdresser.
07/08/2001 - 07/14/2001
Mia rolling over. "The days go by slowly. The years go by fast." Mia's saucer. Tylenol.
07/14/2001 - 07/21/2001
Holding her head up well. Day care pals. Sleeping pains.
07/22/2001 - 07/29/2001
Meeting Haley. Squealing with delight.
07/29/2001 - 08/04/2001
My parents visit. Mia's first 'fever'. Leaving work to take care of Mia. Roseola. Sleeping pains.
08/05/2001 - 08/11/2001
Eating more. Pinching Mia with seat strap. Starting cereal. Doctor's visit. Should she 'cry it out'? Fifteen pounds. Heat. Picking up Mia at day care.
08/12/2001 - 08/18/2001
Feeding Mia cereal. Sleeping on her tummy. Baby food: peaches and pears.
08/19/2001 - 08/25/2001
Visit from Grand Ma Melinda. Drooling. Looking. Sleeping. Talking in her sleep.
08/19/2001 - 09/01/2001
Getting to sleep. Sitting up a little. How far we've come. Laughing.
09/02/2001 - 09/02/2001
Sleeping pains. Visiting Jenn's Grandmother. Congestion. Consistent 6AM wake up. Aspirator. The only baby at day care. My parent's visit.
09/09/2001 - 09/15/2001
Beginning to explore crawling. Rare one hour nap. Mia the loud mouth. The World Trade Center and Mia. Bibs. Seventeen pounds.
09/16/2001 - 09/22/2001
Bowel movements. Piano.
09/23/2001 - 09/29/2001
Sippy cup. Falling asleep on her own (first time). Sleep struggles. Pediatrician's.
09/30/2001 - 10/06/2001
Letting her cry it out. Mia missed me. Teething? Skwish.
10/07/2001 - 10/13/2001
New car seat. Ear infection medicine (amoxicillin). Mia sleeping comfortably on her own. Good Night Moon. Babbling.
10/14/2001 - 10/20/2001
Grandma's. Eight ounces before sleep. Leaving day care early!
10/21/2001 - 10/27/2001
Cousin Lisa visit. Teeth? Trip in my car. Nick names.
10/28/2001 - 11/03/2001
Day-light savings. Baby gates. Crawling. Cheerios.
11/04/2001 - 11/10/2001
Lowering the mattress. Ear infection medicine (augmentin). Crawling big time.
11/11/2001 - 11/17/2001
Diarrhea and vomitting. Bibsters.
11/18/2001 - 11/24/2001
Crawling into the saucer. Sitting up. Yelling "No!". Bob (the doll). Pulling herself up (on anything).
11/25/2001 - 12/01/2001
Good article on diapers. Teeth? Finding video of Mia. Pulling herself up, and getting down.
12/02/2001 - 12/08/2001
Doctor's visit (teething). Drooling. Babbling loudly.
12/09/2001 - 12/15/2001
On verge of standing. Saying "no". Fever.
12/16/2001 - 12/22/2001
Peek-a-boo! Safety latches. Squirmy while changing. Banging a drum. Attempts at standing. Mia and teeth. Hand painted cup. Sleeping in cubby.
12/23/2001 - 12/29/2001
Santa. Christmas gifts. Day care (while Jenn and I stayed home). Diaper rash.
12/30/2001 - 1/5/2002
Funnier and funnier. Mia doesn't know "no". Real food. Being patient with food.
1/6/2002 - 1/12/2002
Real food. Actually drinking from cup. Fever. Baby playzone. Vomit.
1/13/2002 - 1/19/2002
First babysitter. Quiet sleeper. More teeth. Waving bye-bye. Climbing stairs.
1/20/2002 - 1/26/2002
Climbing stairs. Cut on her finger.
1/27/2002 - 2/2/2002
Nice walk. Spit up schedule. The highs and lows of parenting. Warming Mia's bath towel. Role reversal: Couldn't do it. Stacking.
2/3/2002 - 2/9/2002
Teeth aplenty. Jenn's hard day. Crying at night. Chopped up turkey meat for Mia.
2/10/2002 - 2/16/2002
Finger foods. Cut on her lip. Ritz. Premium.
2/17/2002 - 2/23/2002
Mia sick. Brief walk. Pajama day at day care. Mia's diet.
2/24/2002 - 3/2/2002
Mia's good for the in-laws. Mia visits Mall with Mom. Videos. Mia's 11-months old! I'll stop writing this diary. Toys R' Us.
3/3/2002 - 3/9/2002
Bad dreams? Gentle. Little toothbrush. Inching closer to standing and awkward walking.
3/10/2002 - 3/16/2002
Frumpy at Toys R' Us. Canteloupe. No formula today. Giving Bob love. Fussiness before bed.
3/17/2002 - 3/23/2002
Making Mia wake "later". The way Mia plays. Tolerating crying. The Picture Place studio.
3/24/2002 - 3/30/2002
Ceiling fan. Baby toys. No more rocking to sleep. Turning my hand up. One year old.
3/31/2002 - 4/6/2002
Making noise. Mild rash. Fever. Birthday party.
4/7/2002 - 4/13/2002
Waiting for Mia to get better. Just an ear infection.
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