Mia's First Year

Jenn and I have a baby girl! Her name is Mia Magdalena Umali, and she was born Wednesday, March 28, 2001. This is our first baby. And this blog will be a daily record of my thoughts during her first year growing up with us.

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I also have plenty of pictures of Mia.

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Saturday, September 29, 2001

Tonight, we put Mia to bed around 7:20PM. I only rocked her for five minutes, and then Jenn and I put her into her crib while she was mostly awake. After we shut the lights, she wailed for two minutes, then promptly fell to sleep. (She was fairly exhausted, but this session is a positive sign.)
posted by Rick Umali 9:50 PM

Friday, September 28, 2001

Mia is six months old today. I took some pictures (77-80). Jenn asked why I didn't bring home any cake. No good excuses came to mind.
posted by Rick Umali 11:34 PM

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Mia will be six months old this Friday (9/28). What a milestone.

Jenn took her to the pediatrician's for a routine visit. Mia weighed 16 lbs. 14 oz. Mia also got two vaccination shots (one in each leg). We gave her some Tylenol to ease her pain somewhat.
posted by Rick Umali 10:47 PM

Tonight, instead of waiting for Mia to get to sleep, Jenn put her into a bed slightly fussy. I had rocked with Mia for almost twenty minutes, but she didn't fall asleep. Mia softly fussed, then went to bed before 8PM.
posted by Rick Umali 10:43 PM

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Jenn let Mia go to sleep on her again today. She called me at work to report that Mia went to bed on her own, with minimal crying. I don't know if this is going to last, but things look encouraging if Mia is learning this. On the flip side, I did have to rock her for twenty minutes before she went to bed tonight (7:40PM).
posted by Rick Umali 9:07 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Tonight, we fed Mia some 'meat': chicken (stage 2 from Gerber). Jenn and I did not agree with the odor (it was 'off'), but Mia seemed to take to it somewhat.
posted by Rick Umali 11:18 PM

"She did a big thing just now."

Mia fell asleep on her own, after crying vigorously for almost thirteen minutes. It was an excruciating period. Normally, we're quick to react to her crying. With this experiment (which we did twice during the day), we wanted to see how long Mia would last. We gave ourselves a fifteen minute time limit before we moved to her, and it gets to be a little unbearable towards the end.

We don't plan to let her cry herself to sleep at night. Jenn discussed this once with the doctor. At the same time, we do want to start training her to get to sleep on her own, and doing this during the day seemed ideal. Jenn and I wouldn't have to fight our own need to sleep, and sleeping during the day (with the light, and the TV, and the ambient noise) would be good preparation for her.

Unfortunately, once asleep, Mia's internal nap timer gets her up in only thirty minutes. This seems a small price to pay, since her evening sleep timer takes her from 7:30PM to 6AM.
posted by Rick Umali 10:43 PM

We're starting to see if Mia will drink from a sippy cup. The spill-proof design is a marvel. I tried to empty it out to wash it, but I forgot to ask Jenn how to detach the lid.
posted by Rick Umali 10:32 PM

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