Mia's First Year

Jenn and I have a baby girl! Her name is Mia Magdalena Umali, and she was born Wednesday, March 28, 2001. This is our first baby. And this blog will be a daily record of my thoughts during her first year growing up with us.

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Saturday, December 29, 2001

Mia's nose was stuffy and sniffly tonight, and she woke up crying around 8PM (we put her to bed at 6PM). We turned on the humidifier, fed her some more formula (an additional five ounces; she was hungry!), and gave her some baby medicine for congestion. She's sleeping a lot better now. Jenn is thankful that Mia doesn't seem to have a fever. So am I.
posted by Rick Umali 10:37 PM

Friday, December 28, 2001

Mia is nine months old today.
posted by Rick Umali 10:56 PM

For the past two days, I have been to day-care, both to bring Mia there, and to pick her up.

When I went to get Mia this afternoon, she was sound asleep in her crib.
posted by Rick Umali 10:41 PM

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Today, Mia went to day-care, but Jenn and I both stayed home. We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. Our attention is so focused on Mia when we're home that it was slightly unsettling when both of us didn't have her to take care of. Slowly, we made our way through some errands that allowed us to enjoy our 'break' (Jenn to the mall and her hairdresser; me to the computer store and the bank).

By the time I picked her up from day care, we were really glad to see her!
posted by Rick Umali 11:15 PM

Mia has a touch of diaper rash. Over the phone, Jenn described the rash to the pediatrician, and she prescribed nystatin, an antibiotic in the form of an ointment, like Desitin. Mia has to have this for the next few weeks.
posted by Rick Umali 11:06 PM

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Mia had a fun first Christmas. I think she got sensory overload from all the new toys she can crawl into. My favorite new toy that she received: her Intelli-Table.
posted by Rick Umali 11:10 PM

Monday, December 24, 2001

I saw that Santa left some gifts for Mia in the living room. ;-)
posted by Rick Umali 11:10 PM

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