Mia's First Year

Jenn and I have a baby girl! Her name is Mia Magdalena Umali, and she was born Wednesday, March 28, 2001. This is our first baby. And this blog will be a daily record of my thoughts during her first year growing up with us.

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Thursday, October 25, 2001

Before I forget to write these down for posterity:

Sweet pea. Peanut. Little baby girl. Nutter. Nutter butter. Kitty kat. Honey bunny. Me me. Comfy cozy. Snuggly. Bee bee girl.

Mia. I often ask parents when their children first began to recognize their own names. Some people know precisely when. Some don't know ("ask me an easier parenting question!"). Jenn and I used to worry whether Mia would recognize her own name, because we rarely call her Mia (although I probably call her Mia more often than Jenn).

Still, I know that these baby names will disappear as she gets older ("Dad, don't call me that!"). We called her all of these names, and will likely call her many more names. They all mean Mia.
posted by Rick Umali 11:03 PM

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Tonight, Jenn and I watched Mia drink from her sippy cup. We're not sure if all the liquid (half water, half baby juice) is getting down her throat, but she's getting a better hang of it.

Mia is also perfecting a standard 'cry for attention' that Jenn is likens to 'whales talking'. "She's trying to talk to whales," she said to me. Indeed, it's a funny sound, but a sound of someone trying new ways to communicate.
posted by Rick Umali 11:53 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

This morning, Jenn had take her car to service, and so we formed a convoy to the edge of Arlington. Mia rode in my car for the first time in her and my life. On the way home, Jenn sat with her in the back seat.
posted by Rick Umali 10:53 PM

We gave Mia a bath tonight. We're still not bathing her every evening. She's quite active in the little tub now. She'll splash water. She'll reach for the rinse hose. She'll squirm. Jenn said we'll be bathing her in the tub soon enough.
posted by Rick Umali 10:43 PM

Jenn said she 'felt teeth' today in Mia's lower mouth. I'll just wait to see it, myself.
posted by Rick Umali 10:39 PM

Monday, October 22, 2001

I posted eleven more photos (94-104) on the picture site. I especially delight in picture 100, Mia taking a dunk of water.
posted by Rick Umali 8:54 PM

Lisa, Jenn's cousin and Mia's godmother, paid us a visit with her husband Roy on Sunday. The last time they saw Mia was late June. It was funny watching Mia interact with new people. I remember someone saying to me that Mia should see new faces as often as she could: faces fascinate babies.
posted by Rick Umali 12:06 AM

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