Mia's First Year

Jenn and I have a baby girl! Her name is Mia Magdalena Umali, and she was born Wednesday, March 28, 2001. This is our first baby. And this blog will be a daily record of my thoughts during her first year growing up with us.

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Saturday, January 26, 2002

Mia was her usual self on this Saturday. We had to take her out in my car twice to take and pick up Jenn's car from the shop. Jenn remarked that my child seat needed to be adjusted. When Mia fell asleep, she bent forward precariously.
posted by Rick Umali 10:43 PM

Friday, January 25, 2002

Up and down the upstairs hallway, Mia laughs heartily whenever I kick the soccer ball towards her. Sometimes, in her effort to crawl towards me after the ball has reached her, she'll "dribble" with the ball, using her arms and chest. It's funny to see. Most of the time she will crawl around the ball, but sometimes it gets stuck between her arms, and she'll do this dribble, which makes me think she's sports-minded. (I should know better, but it's fun to project.)
posted by Rick Umali 10:47 PM

Mia will get the babysitter again next weekend, which is Jenn's birthday.
posted by Rick Umali 10:42 PM

Someone at the office suggested that if Mia goes to bed by 7PM, it's possible she'll simply sleep in a car-seat while watching a movie. In a theater.

Even though this person's suggestion was bandied about in fun for a few minutes, it was something to think about. Unfortunately, since Mia is almost ten months old, she'll probably have a hard time sleeping through the din of a movie.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, was this person even serious?
posted by Rick Umali 12:01 AM

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

This evening, I saw Mia let herself down using only her legs. She was standing by my ottoman, and she just lowered herself down, without holding onto anything. It happened very quickly. Once she got to the floor, she burst forward towards who knows where.

Jenn says she's started to see this too. An early sign of a new skill.
posted by Rick Umali 10:20 PM

Monday, January 21, 2002

I composed the following lullaby a few months back, when I was able to rock Mia without her trying to squirm out of my arms. I don't get to sing this for her nowadays, which is testimony to how quickly they do grow up. If I knew how to write music, I'd set the music for this thing, but as it is, I'll always remember the words.
posted by Rick Umali 10:21 PM

One two three, it's sleeping time for baby.
Two three four, it's time for you to snore.
Three four five, it's time to take a dive.
Four five six, let sleep do its tricks.
Five six seven, it's time to dream of heaven.
Six seven eight, it's time to sleep it's late.
Seven eight nine, it's time to sleep not dine.
Eight nine ten, let's sing this all again.
posted by Rick Umali 10:16 PM

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Mia somehow cut her finger. The cut runs along her left ring finger in a narrow strip. Jenn had to pull some skin. It bled, but not profusely. We'll be keeping an eye on this. We decided not putting on a bandage (thinking it would just be pulled off repeatedly).
posted by Rick Umali 7:54 PM

OK. On Saturday, Mia walked up all the stairs. She seemed quite determined to do this, and I was surprised when she did it.
posted by Rick Umali 7:52 PM

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