Mia's First Year

Jenn and I have a baby girl! Her name is Mia Magdalena Umali, and she was born Wednesday, March 28, 2001. This is our first baby. And this blog will be a daily record of my thoughts during her first year growing up with us.

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Friday, January 18, 2002

I have been letting Mia climb up the last two or three steps to our second floor. With her mastery of crawling, she relishes the different motion of climbing. I have to be careful of course. We have a bunch of books along the stair case, so she gets too distracted to climb all the way up. I think this is good practice for her.
posted by Rick Umali 10:36 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Mia seems to be able to wave "bye bye" now. She smiles when she does this.
posted by Rick Umali 10:44 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Jenn says that she's spotted four more teeth starting to come out of Mia's gums. She also had to fish out a dust ball that Mia was gumming in her mouth for what seemed like most of the afternoon.
posted by Rick Umali 11:07 PM

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Mia's so quiet when she's sleeping. She does cry out every once in a while, but before I go to bed, I will often just watch her quietly, waiting for a tell-tale heavy breath, or the movement of her body as she breathes. I can get some satisfaction with the monitor.

Tonight, as Jenn was going to bed, Mia cried out for a good thirty-seconds, and Jenn suggested another bottle. But just as she said that, Mia stopped. When I looked in her crib, she was back to her sleep, crouched on her hands and bent knees.
posted by Rick Umali 11:33 PM

Monday, January 14, 2002

Over the weekend, Mia had her first babysitter (someone we know from day care). It was disconcerting, leaving Mia at home while Jenn and I went out. Throughout our evening (a post-holiday party), Jenn was fretting about Mia. I was too, but mostly about mundane stuff (will the babysitter find everything she needs; will she figure out the television remote controls, etc.).

When we got home, all was well: Mia was asleep, and the baby sitter was fine. A milestone for us as parents!
posted by Rick Umali 11:55 AM

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