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Pictures of Mia Umali - Caption Index


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mia-531.html Mia on a swing 3/29/2006
mia-530.html Mia swinging on the monkey bars 3/29/2006
mia-529.html Mia at the table on Valentine's Day 2/21/2006
mia-528.html Mia taking a sip on Valentine's Day 2/21/2006
mia-527.html Mia at her desk smiling 01/30/2006
mia-526.html Mia with Grand Pop and Mom 12/31/2005
mia-525.html Mia and Marina at Thanksgiving 11/27/2005
mia-524.html Mia on a pretend Jet 11/13/2005
mia-523.html Mia as Thing 1 11/13/2005
mia-522.html Mia at the Charles River 10/30/2005
mia-521.html Mia in center field, pointing 10/30/2005
mia-520.html Mia picnicking 9/24/2005
mia-519.html Mia wonders how she can get the apples 9/24/2005
mia-518.html Mia in a bouncing castle 9/17/2005
mia-517.html Mia at table with Uncle Mike, Aunt Cherie, and Mom 7/31/2005
mia-516.html Mia chillin' 7/31/2005
mia-515.html Mia in the water (McHenry, IL) 7/31/2005
mia-514.html Mia trying out the water 7/31/2005
mia-513.html Mia waiting for cake at Victor's party 7/24/2005
mia-512.html Mia and Claire 7/24/2005
mia-511.html Mia peeking at the grill 6/27/2005
mia-510.html Mia in the shade 6/27/2005
mia-509.html Mia having a kick outside 6/27/2005
mia-508.html Mia going down a slide 5/27/2005
mia-507.html Mia going down a slide with jacket 5/27/2005
mia-506.html Mia with a globe 4/16/2005
mia-505.html Pictures from Mia's Fourth Birthday Party 4/10/2005
mia-504.html Mia in front of her birthday cake at Uncle Mark's 3/28/2005
mia-503.html Mia and Mom at Uncle Mark's 3/28/2005
mia-502.html Mia seeing herself in a photo album 3/25/2005
mia-501.html Mia with her funny glasses and boots 2/28/2005
mia-500.html Mia playing her guitar with Daddy 2/6/2005
mia-499.html Mia at Daddy's office 1/17/2005
mia-498.html Mia outside in the snow near our cars 12/27/2004
mia-497.html Mia outside in the snow 12/27/2004
mia-496.html Mia and her new guitar 12/26/2004
mia-495.html Mia with Grandpop and Lincoln Logs 12/25/2004
mia-494.html Mia on Christmas Day 12/25/2004
mia-493.html Mia and Dad on Christmas Eve 12/24/2004
mia-492.html Mia playing catch 11/29/2004
mia-491.html Mia fixing the table with her saw 11/29/2004
mia-490.html Mia showing Renato how to trace letters 11/29/2004
mia-489.html Mia and Grandmom playing with Cooties 11/29/2004
mia-488.html Mia and Marina looking at desserts 11/29/2004
mia-487.html Mia and Marina at the Thanksgiving table 11/29/2004
mia-486.html Mia showing Lola her letters book 11/29/2004
mia-485.html Mia as Captain Feathersword 11/1/2004
mia-484.html Mia as Captain Feathersword on Halloween 11/1/2004
mia-483.html Mia with a Red Sox shirt 11/1/2004
mia-482.html Pictures from Our Trip to Virginia 10/31/2004
mia-481.html Mia with Larry 10/31/2004
mia-480.html Mia with a Dora pumpkin 10/31/2004
mia-479.html Mia and Isabella at the apple orchard 10/31/2004
mia-478.html Mia found apples at the apple orchard 10/31/2004
mia-477.html Mia painting pumpkins 9/25/2004
mia-476.html Mariflor with Mia and Mom at Gabriel's Fifth Birthday 9/25/2004
mia-475.html Mia at Gabriel's Fifth Birthday 9/25/2004
mia-474.html Mia at the top of the 'mountain' 9/14/2004
mia-473.html Mia climbing up the 'mountain' in the playground 9/14/2004
mia-472.html Mia and Mom and Dad 8/28/2004
mia-471.html Mia smiling at her outdoor table 8/28/2004
mia-470.html Mia eating snacks at her outdoor table 8/28/2004
mia-469.html Mia doing puzzle pieces 8/1/2004
mia-468.html Mia and Uncle Ron 8/1/2004
mia-467.html Mia in my car 8/1/2004
mia-466.html Mia in her new 'bed' 8/1/2004
mia-465.html Mia trying to drink from her flower sprinkler 7/12/2004
mia-464.html Mia at the lake with Grand Pop and Mom 7/12/2004
mia-463.html Mia at the lake 7/12/2004
mia-462.html Mia with Grand Pop 7/12/2004
mia-461.html Mia watering plants with Daddy 6/11/2004
mia-460.html Mia on a toy tricycle 6/11/2004
mia-459.html Mia in car with Lola 6/11/2004
mia-458.html Mia on a high chair smiling 5/30/2004
mia-457.html Mia and Mommy at a party 5/5/2004
mia-456.html Mia on her slide 5/5/2004
mia-455.html Mia with her pink sneakers 5/5/2004
mia-454.html Pictures from Mia's Third Birthday 3/27/2004
mia-453.html Mia and her new doll house 3/26/2004
mia-452.html Mia smiling by her new doll house 3/26/2004
mia-451.html Mia offering a snack 3/13/2004
mia-450.html Mia entering data into a Palm Pilot 3/13/2004
mia-449.html Gradmom, Mom, and Mia 3/13/2004
mia-448.html Mia and Dad 02/20/2004
mia-447.html Mia's excellent face picture 02/20/2004
mia-446.html Mia on Super Bowl Sunday 02/08/2004
mia-445.html Mia and Mom with Cousin Lisa and Karl 01/04/2004
mia-444.html Mia with Grand Larry 01/04/2004
mia-443.html Mia with Mom and Grand Mom 01/04/2004
mia-442.html Mia with Great Grand Mom (and Grand Pop) 01/04/2004
mia-441.html Mia with Mom and Great Grand Mom on Christmas Day 01/04/2004
mia-440.html Mia playing with Uncle Ron 01/04/2004
mia-439.html Mia reading the Wiggles by the Christmas Tree 01/04/2004
mia-438.html Mia putting her crayons away 12/18/2003
mia-437.html Mia saying I DID IT! 12/18/2003
mia-436.html Mia at the drawing table 12/18/2003
mia-435.html Mia with Larry and Lola before Thanksgiving dinner 11/29/2003
mia-434.html Mia with Grandpop and Lola before Thanksgiving dinner 11/29/2003
mia-433.html Mia with Grandmom before Thanksgiving dinner 11/29/2003
mia-432.html Mia snacking before Thanksgiving dinner 11/29/2003
mia-431.html Mia with Lola 11/29/2003
mia-430.html Mia with Lolo 11/29/2003
mia-429.html Mia after visiting Santa 11/29/2003
mia-428.html Jenn getting Mia ready for Santa 11/29/2003
mia-427.html Mia with Uncle Ron, Renato, Mom, Dad, Grand Parents 11/2/2003
mia-426.html Mia with Uncle Ron, Tita Vicky, Grand Mom, and Tito Ben 11/2/2003
mia-425.html Mia, held by Tita Vicky, with extended family 11/2/2003
mia-424.html Mia and Grand Dad, eating bread 11/2/2003
mia-423.html Mia and Grand Mom, with Uncle Renato on the sofa 11/2/2003
mia-422.html Mia as Blue (from Blue's Clues) 11/2/2003
mia-421.html Mia as the devil 11/2/2003
mia-420.html Mia in Halloween hat, helping with raking 10/27/2003
mia-419.html Mia and her drawing of a face 10/27/2003
mia-418.html Mia with baby Karl (and Roy and Jenn) 10/27/2003
mia-417.html Mia and Jenn's Cousin Lisa 10/27/2003
mia-416.html Mia getting a wagon ride with Larry and Jenn 10/7/2003
mia-415.html Mia getting dressed with Grandmom 10/7/2003
mia-414.html Mia, Jenn, and Great Grandmom 10/7/2003
mia-413.html Mia about to ride the slide 9/13/2003
mia-412.html Mia about to ride the swing 9/13/2003
mia-411.html Mia kicking a ball 9/13/2003
mia-410.html Mia and her toys laid out 9/1/2003
mia-409.html Mia and her look 9/1/2003
mia-408.html Daddy being a pony for Mia 9/1/2003
mia-407.html Mia and Isabella 9/1/2003
mia-406.html Mia with baby Benjamin (neighbor) and Caitlin (neighbor) 9/1/2003
mia-405.html Mia trying on a pair of jeans (with Grandmom and Mom) 9/1/2003
mia-404.html Mia and Lolo 9/1/2003
mia-403.html Mia up close 8/21/2003
mia-402.html Mia in a skirt 8/21/2003
mia-401.html Mia right after her hair cut 8/21/2003
mia-400.html Mia and Tiffany at Snip-Its (hair cut) 8/21/2003
mia-399.html Mia looking over her left shoulder 8/5/2003
mia-398.html Mia with the frumpy face 8/5/2003
mia-397.html Mia washing dishes with Uncle Ron 8/5/2003
mia-396.html Mia and her Spy Kids 3-D Glasses with Grand Pop 8/5/2003
mia-395.html Mia with Grand Mom and Grand Dad 8/5/2003
mia-394.html Mia helping Mom put together shelves 7/30/2003
mia-393.html Mia with Mom and Karl Joseph 7/30/2003
mia-392.html Mia loves New York 7/30/2003
mia-391.html Mia in a parking lot with party pants 7/15/2003
mia-390.html Mia close-up in dining room 7/13/2003
mia-389.html Mia on July 4 with Grand Mom and Mom 7/13/2003
mia-388.html Mia mowing the lawn 7/13/2003
mia-387.html Mia with Uncle Ron 6/22/2003
mia-386.html Mia watching Grand Dad and Grand Mom play catch 6/22/2003
mia-385.html Mia pointing left with Grand Mom and Grand Dad 6/22/2003
mia-384.html Mia with Grand Dad in her play yard boat 6/22/2003
mia-383.html Mia playing with Grand Mom 6/22/2003
mia-382.html Mia with Mom going to day-care 6/22/2003
mia-381.html Mia wearing biker shorts 6/22/2003
mia-380.html Mia playing with radio 5/29/2003
mia-379.html Mia by lake 5/29/2003
mia-378.html Mia with Grandpop 5/29/2003
mia-377.html Mia with Mom and Great Grandmom 5/29/2003
mia-376.html Mia on her tricycle with Mom and Grandmom 5/29/2003
mia-375.html Mia with Grandmom 5/29/2003
mia-374.html Mia outside in her little chair with Mommy 5/20/2003
mia-373.html Mia outside on the swing set 5/20/2003
mia-372.html Mia with ponytails on the couch 5/20/2003
mia-371.html Mia and Mom with Lisa and her new baby, Karl 4/27/2003
mia-370.html Mia in a Spring outfit 4/27/2003
mia-369.html Mia with her cute stockings 4/27/2003
mia-368.html Mia trying to put on her coat 4/18/2003
mia-367.html Mia and Jenn's Dad 4/18/2003
mia-366.html Mariflor, Ian, Scott, Jenn, Rick and Mia 4/18/2003
mia-365.html Mia and Ian, with Marilor's Mom 4/18/2003
mia-364.html Mia getting ready for Ian's birthday 4/18/2003
mia-363.html Mia signing a birthday card 4/18/2003
mia-362.html Mia eating a banana 4/18/2003
mia-361.html Mia playing with the light switch 4/7/2003
mia-360.html Mia with a new pair of sneakers 4/7/2003
mia-359.html Mia wearing Mom's slippers 4/7/2003
mia-358.html Mia playing with Mom's slippers 4/7/2003
mia-357.html Mia with Mom and Dad 3/31/2003
mia-356.html Mia trying to talk to Murray 3/31/2003
mia-355.html Mia at dinner the evening of her birthday party 3/31/2003
mia-354.html Mia with Grand Mothers 3/31/2003
mia-353.html Mia with Anna, Pauline, and Grand Pop 3/31/2003
mia-352.html Mia opening gifts with Ron, Gabriel, Anna, and Mom (Isabella and Karen in window) 3/31/2003
mia-351.html Mia opening a gift 3/31/2003
mia-350.html Mia with Karen, Steve, Isabella, and Anna 3/31/2003
mia-349.html Mia eating with Anna, Gabriel, Ian, Scott and Mariflor 3/31/2003
mia-348.html Mia eating with Pauline, Andrew, Anna, and Gabriel 3/31/2003
mia-347.html Mia with Grand Parents 3/31/2003
mia-346.html Mia with an incredulous look 3/31/2003
mia-345.html A hug at day care with Mom 3/31/2003
mia-344.html Mia at day-care trying to eat her cupcake 3/31/2003
mia-343.html Mia trying to take off Mommy's shirt 3/20/2003
mia-342.html Mia wearing Mommy's shirt 3/20/2003
mia-341.html Mia with her milky face smile 3/9/2003
mia-340.html Mia with a ball in her baby shower outfit 3/9/2003
mia-339.html Mia and her baby shower outfit 3/9/2003
mia-338.html Mia looking up with big eyes 3/9/2003
mia-337.html Mia with Mom 3/9/2003
mia-336.html Mia standing up near door 3/9/2003
mia-335.html Mia with her little shovel 02/18/2003
mia-334.html Mia in our cleared out drive-way with her little shovel 02/18/2003
mia-333.html Mia near a snow bank 02/18/2003
mia-332.html Mia outside by our door 02/18/2003
mia-331.html Mia, the snow girl 02/18/2003
mia-330.html Mia getting ready for snow 02/18/2003
mia-329.html Mia with guests Mariflor, Ian, and Gabriel 02/08/2003
mia-328.html Mia in the big chair 02/08/2003
mia-327.html Mia having breakfast 02/08/2003
mia-326.html Mia eating a cracker 01/30/2003
mia-325.html Dad and Mia 01/30/2003
mia-324.html Mia going fast on the Sit-N-Spin 01/11/2003
mia-323.html Mia with the new television 01/11/2003
mia-322.html Mia with Tinky Winky in the car 01/11/2003
mia-321.html Mia hears no evil 12/31/2002
mia-320.html Mia from Thanksgiving 2002 12/31/2002
mia-319.html Mia from Thanksgiving 2002 12/31/2002
mia-318.html Mia and the Umali Family 12/31/2002
mia-317.html Mia going to give Mom a kiss 12/31/2002
mia-316.html Mia sleeping in the car seat 12/29/2002
mia-315.html Mia sitting with Grand-Mom 12/29/2002
mia-314.html Mia laughing in high-chair with Grand-Mom 12/29/2002
mia-313.html Calling Elmo with Mom 12/29/2002
mia-312.html Mia with Grand-Pop and Great Grand-Mom 12/29/2002
mia-311.html Mia playing in the Grand-Mom and Larry's kitchen 12/29/2002
mia-310.html Mia guzzling milk 12/29/2002
mia-309.html Mia and Dad on Christmas Day 2002 12/25/2002
mia-308.html Mia and Grand Pop on Christmas Day 2002 12/25/2002
mia-307.html Mia and Mom on Christmas Day 2002 12/25/2002
mia-306.html Mia and Dad 11/29/2002
mia-305.html Mia at her little kitchen 11/29/2002
mia-304.html Mia with Grandma Umali and Renato 11/29/2002
mia-303.html Mia with Grandpa Umali and Renato 11/29/2002
mia-302.html Mia and Grandpa Umali 11/29/2002
mia-301.html Mia with Rubik's Cube 11/29/2002
mia-300.html Mia and Mom 11/29/2002
mia-299.html Mia at the head of the table with Grandmom, Grandpop, and Jenn 11/29/2002
mia-298.html Mia with Grandmom Umali and Grandpop DeLeeuw 11/29/2002
mia-297.html Mia and Dad 11/29/2002
mia-296.html Mia, Ron, and Grandmom 11/29/2002
mia-295.html Mia, and Grandmom 11/29/2002
mia-294.html Mia, Mom, and Grandmom (and Larry) 11/29/2002
mia-293.html Mia and Mom (with Grandpop) 11/29/2002
mia-292.html Mia with big eyes 11/27/2002
mia-291.html Mia and Dad 11/27/2002
mia-290.html Mia getting up 11/17/2002
mia-289.html Mia yapping 11/17/2002
mia-288.html Mia dressed up as Po on Halloween 10/31/2002
mia-287.html Mia in a cute outfit 10/20/2002
mia-286.html Mia asleep in Mom's arms 10/20/2002
mia-285.html Mia and Mom by the Flamingos at the Zoo 10/6/2002
mia-284.html Mia walking down the stairs with Dad's help 10/6/2002
mia-283.html Mia eating snacks with Ron Umali 9/29/2002
mia-282.html Mia and Grandparents (Umali) 9/29/2002
mia-281.html Mia being held by Dad 9/29/2002
mia-280.html Mia with Mom Going Over Coupons 9/29/2002
mia-279.html Mia in thought 9/22/2002
mia-278.html Mia hanging on the ottoman 9/22/2002
mia-277.html Mia by her little table 9/22/2002
mia-276.html Mia in the tub with her hair scooped up 9/9/2002
mia-275.html Mia in the tub 9/9/2002
mia-274.html Mia about to throw the soccer ball 9/1/2002
mia-273.html Mia standing 9/1/2002
mia-272.html Mia walking with Mom and Dad 9/1/2002
mia-271.html Mia and Mom 9/1/2002
mia-270.html Mia in her booster seat 8/25/2002
mia-269.html Mia up close 8/25/2002
mia-268.html Mia and her Radio Flyer cart 8/25/2002
mia-267.html Mia and Dad's Putter 8/25/2002
mia-266.html Mia with Grandpa Umali 8/18/2002
mia-265.html Mia with Ron 8/18/2002
mia-264.html Mia with putter 8/4/2002
mia-263.html Mia standing up 7/16/2002
mia-262.html Mia with combed hair 7/16/2002
mia-261.html Mia with Perl book 7/16/2002
mia-260.html Mia on the swing 6/30/2002
mia-259.html Mia on the slide 6/30/2002
mia-258.html Mia getting on the slide 6/30/2002
mia-257.html Mia taking a walk 6/30/2002
mia-256.html Mia with Jenn's Mom 6/30/2002
mia-255.html Mia with Mom's slipper 6/30/2002
mia-254.html Mia with her first hair cut 6/26/2002
mia-253.html Mia snacking in her high chair 6/26/2002
mia-252.html Mia at Andrew and Anna's sandbox 6/26/2002
mia-251.html Mia on top of the picnic table 6/26/2002
mia-250.html Mia and Mom with Andrew (sitting) and Anna (standing) 6/26/2002
mia-249.html Mia standing and opening our desk drawer 6/21/2002
mia-248.html Mia standing with floppy disk 6/21/2002
mia-247.html Mia outside standing with Mom 6/8/2002
mia-246.html Mia outside on our small porch with Mom 6/8/2002
mia-245.html Mia outside in her carriage 6/8/2002
mia-244.html Mia playing with pots and pans 6/8/2002
mia-243.html Mia at the toilet 6/8/2002
mia-242.html Mia standing 5/30/2002
mia-241.html Mia with blocks 5/30/2002
mia-240.html Mia with Grand Mom Umali 5/30/2002
mia-239.html Mia stacking blocks for Grand Mom 5/30/2002
mia-238.html Mia with Grand Mom and Grand Dad Umali 5/30/2002
mia-237.html Mia by her mail box 5/30/2002
mia-236.html Mia in the tub 5/19/2002
mia-235.html Mom combing Mia's hair 5/8/2002
mia-234.html Mia standing by the Intellitable 5/8/2002
mia-233.html Mia playing by bed table 5/8/2002
mia-232.html Mia eating strawberries for breakfast 5/8/2002
mia-231.html Mia and Mom with Bob 5/1/2002
mia-230.html Mia with flower wagon 4/25/2002
mia-229.html Mia up close 4/20/2002
mia-228.html Mia looking outside 4/20/2002
mia-227.html Mia laughing on floor 4/20/2002
mia-226.html Mia tries a spoon with yogurt 4/20/2002
mia-225.html Mia and Renato the day after the party 4/11/2002
mia-224.html Ron and My Dad while Mia rocking 4/11/2002
mia-223.html My brother Ron and Gram with Mia 4/11/2002
mia-222.html Mia and Isabella playing at party 4/11/2002
mia-221.html Mia by the fridge smiling 4/7/2002
mia-220.html Mia with a block on her head 4/7/2002
mia-219.html Mia eating her cart 4/7/2002
mia-218.html Mia with Bob 4/7/2002
mia-217.html Tired Mia and Tito Ben, My Uncle 4/6/2002
mia-216.html Mia and Mom waiting for cake 4/6/2002
mia-215.html Mia and Mom with cake at party 4/6/2002
mia-214.html Mia and Mom singing birthday song 4/6/2002
mia-213.html Mia and Isabella playing at party 4/6/2002
mia-212.html Mia and Mom with Gram at party 4/6/2002
mia-211.html Mia with Elmo on her birthday 3/28/2002
mia-210.html Mia after breakfast on her birthday 3/28/2002
mia-209.html Mia in her play pen 3/19/2002
mia-208.html Mia enjoying a mini-pancake 3/19/2002
mia-207.html Mia at home by rocking chair 3/10/2002
mia-206.html Mia in R' Us, in front of diaper display 3/10/2002
mia-205.html Mia in R' Us, in a shopping cart 3/10/2002
mia-204.html Mia and Mom off in the car off to Toys R' Us 3/10/2002
mia-203.html Mia and her look of surprise 3/8/2002
mia-202.html Mia tossing around laundry 3/8/2002
mia-201.html Mia and her yellow fire truck 3/2/2002
mia-200.html Mia on the stairs 3/2/2002
mia-199.html Mia rocking Bob on the rocking chair 3/2/2002
mia-198.html Mia wants to see who's on the phone with Mom 3/2/2002
mia-197.html Rick and Mia 3/2/2002
mia-196.html Mia from behind her gate 2/26/2002
mia-195.html Mia waving to Grand Mom 2/26/2002
mia-194.html Mia playing with Aunt Jeanne and Grand Pop 2/26/2002
mia-193.html Mia in the heirloom high chair 2/26/2002
mia-192.html Mia looking up at Mom at Gram's 2/26/2002
mia-191.html Mia eating a cracker 2/18/2002
mia-190.html Mia drinking her bottle on the sofa 2/18/2002
mia-189.html Mia eating her finger foods 2/11/2002
mia-188.html Clappy clap with Ron 2/11/2002
mia-187.html Ron, Jenn, and Mia 2/11/2002
mia-186.html Mia, Grandma, and Granddad 2/11/2002
mia-185.html Mia, Grandma, and Godfather 2/11/2002
mia-184.html Mia smiling from in her play pen 2/11/2002
mia-183.html Mia examining the camera strap 2/11/2002
mia-182.html Mia with her Wiggly Giggly Ball 2/11/2002
mia-181.html Mia examining a flash light 2/11/2002
mia-180.html Mia knows how to stack the stacker 2/1/2002
mia-179.html Mia holding herself up with her high chair 2/1/2002
mia-178.html Mia laughing with her shoes in play pen 2/1/2002
mia-177.html Mia laughing with her shoes by ottoman 2/1/2002
mia-176.html Mia drinking her bottle herself 2/1/2002
mia-175.html Mia getting ready for daycare 1/25/2002
mia-174.html Mia by book case 1/20/2002
mia-173.html Mia trying to walk 1/20/2002
mia-172.html Mia laughing by saucer 1/20/2002
mia-171.html Mia finds the letter Z 1/20/2002
mia-170.html Mia on her play box 1/20/2002
mia-169.html Mia watching TV with Mommy 1/14/2002
mia-168.html Mommy and Mia with yogurt on her mouth 1/14/2002
mia-167.html Mia at the cabinet smiling 1/14/2002
mia-166.html Mia and her Playzone 1/14/2002
mia-165.html Mia and her small teeth 1/2/2002
mia-164.html Mia and her big eyes 1/2/2002
mia-163.html Mia and her reflection 12/30/2001
mia-162.html Mia with Haley and Nicki 12/30/2001
mia-161.html Mia and Nicki 12/30/2001
mia-160.html Mia and Haley 12/30/2001
mia-159.html Mia the Day After Christmas 12/30/2001
mia-158.html Rick, Jenn, Mia and Grandma Melinda 12/30/2001
mia-157.html Larry Feeding Mia 12/30/2001
mia-156.html Mia in a new toy 12/30/2001
mia-155.html Jenn and Her Dad Putting Toys Together 12/30/2001
mia-154.html Jenn's Dad Feeding Mia 12/30/2001
mia-153.html Mia and Ron 12/30/2001
mia-152.html Mia playing with my brothers 12/30/2001
mia-151.html Mia with Grand Dad 12/30/2001
mia-150.html Mia with Grand Mom and Renato 12/30/2001
mia-149.html Mia with Renato 12/30/2001
mia-148.html Mia smiling with some lower teeth 12/19/2001
mia-147.html Mia looking at TV 12/19/2001
mia-146.html Mia standing at saucer 12/19/2001
mia-145.html Mia wearing snow suit 12/10/2001
mia-144.html Mia standing at the rocker 12/10/2001
mia-143.html Mia looking at snow 12/10/2001
mia-142.html Mia reaching for the piano 12/10/2001
mia-141.html Mom and Mia 12/3/2001
mia-140.html Mia getting down from the table 12/3/2001
mia-139.html Mia at the window 12/3/2001
mia-138.html Mia standing with subwoofer 12/3/2001
mia-137.html Mia drooling 12/3/2001
mia-136.html Mia and her doll, Bob 12/3/2001
mia-135.html Mia pulling up in her crib 11/28/2001
mia-134.html Mia with Jenn's Mom (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-133.html Mia with Larry (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-132.html Mia and Jenn's Dad (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-131.html Mia, with Mom and Toni (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-130.html Mia playing with Lindsay and Toni (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-129.html Mia getting dressed with Gram (Thanksgiving 2001) 11/23/2001
mia-128.html Mia crawling into her saucer 11/23/2001
mia-127.html Mia taking bath with shampoo hat 11/23/2001
mia-126.html Mia playing with paper 11/20/2001
mia-125.html Mia getting hair brushed 11/18/2001
mia-124.html Mia with messy face and messy outfit 11/18/2001
mia-123.html Mia about to get my toe 11/18/2001
mia-122.html Mia's face up close 11/18/2001
mia-121.html Mia in crawl position 11/18/2001
mia-120.html Mia and a funny face 11/18/2001
mia-119.html Mia looking up 11/4/2001
mia-118.html Mom lowering the crib's mattress 11/4/2001
mia-117.html Crawling on hands and knees now 11/2/2001
mia-116.html Big kiss from Mommy 11/2/2001
mia-115.html Big open mouth for Mommy 11/2/2001
mia-114.html Mia playing with Mom 11/2/2001
mia-113.html Mia and Grandpa Umali 10/31/2001
mia-112.html Mia getting fed 10/31/2001
mia-111.html Mia close-up, with Ron 10/31/2001
mia-110.html Mia with her Godfather, Ron 10/31/2001
mia-109.html Mia with Grandparents Umali 10/31/2001
mia-108.html Mia laughing with Grandma 10/31/2001
mia-107.html Mia with Grandparents Umali 10/31/2001
mia-106.html Mia with Grandparents Umali 10/31/2001
mia-105.html Grandma, Mia, and Ron 10/31/2001
mia-104.html Roy and Lisa (Jenn's Cousin) 10/22/2001
mia-103.html Mom and Mia 10/22/2001
mia-102.html Mia and a bath (new pjs) 10/22/2001
mia-101.html Mia and a bath (closeup) 10/22/2001
mia-100.html Mia and a bath (rinse cycle) 10/22/2001
mia-99.html Mia at her piano 10/22/2001
mia-98.html Mia trying to crawl 10/22/2001
mia-97.html Mia and Mom have a good morning 10/22/2001
mia-96.html Mia crying in her crib 10/22/2001
mia-95.html Mom and Mia in the Morning with Funny Hat 10/22/2001
mia-94.html Mom and Mia in the Morning 10/22/2001
mia-93.html Mia with Jenn and Grandma 10/14/2001
mia-92.html Mia with Jenn 10/14/2001
mia-91.html Mia happy 10/12/2001
mia-90.html Mia talking 10/12/2001
mia-89.html Mia smiling 10/12/2001
mia-88.html Mia in red looking up 10/11/2001
mia-87.html Mia in red putting down yellow donut 10/11/2001
mia-86.html Mia in red with yellow donut 10/11/2001
mia-85.html Mia closeup 10/11/2001
mia-84.html Mia closeup 10/10/2001
mia-83.html Mia waking up 10/4/2001
mia-82.html Mia waking up 10/4/2001
mia-81.html Mia waking up 10/4/2001
mia-80.html Mia at Six Months 9/28/2001
mia-79.html Mia at Six Months 9/28/2001
mia-78.html Mia at Six Months 9/28/2001
mia-77.html Mia at Six Months 9/28/2001
mia-76.html Mia grabbing her feet 9/23/2001
mia-75.html Mom giving Mia a sippy cup to try 9/23/2001
mia-74.html Mia and a soccer ball 9/23/2001
mia-73.html Mia being still 9/23/2001
mia-72.html Mia and a bib 9/17/2001
mia-71.html Me feeding Mia 9/10/2001
mia-70.html My side of the family not posing 9/9/2001
mia-69.html My side of the family posing 9/9/2001
mia-68.html Mia and my Parents 9/9/2001
mia-67.html Mia Sitting 9/9/2001
mia-66.html Mia getting ready to go to school 9/9/2001
mia-65.html Mia standing with Mom's Help 9/9/2001
mia-64.html Mia and Mom in the Morning 9/9/2001
mia-63.html Mia in her car seat 9/4/2001
mia-62.html Mia holding arms out 9/4/2001
mia-61.html Mia laughing 9/2/2001
mia-60.html Mia and Dad 9/2/2001
mia-59.html Mia being fed by Jenn's Dad 9/2/2001
mia-58.html Mia being changed at Gram's 9/2/2001
mia-57.html Mia looking left 9/2/2001
mia-56.html Mia holding up her head 9/2/2001
mia-55.html Mia and Jenn's Dad 9/2/2001
mia-54.html Mia with Jenn's Aunt Jeanne 9/2/2001
mia-53.html Mia and Jenn's Gram 9/2/2001
mia-52.html Mia and Dad 8/19/2001
mia-51.html Mia goes wheee! 8/19/2001
mia-50.html Mia with Grandma and Larry 8/19/2001
mia-49.html Mia (with shoes) and Grandma 8/19/2001
mia-48.html Mia and Larry 8/19/2001
mia-47.html Mia about to have breakfast 8/19/2001
mia-46.html Mia and Mom 8/19/2001
mia-45.html Mia Getting Fed Cereal 8/12/2001
mia-44.html Mia Getting Fed Cereal 8/12/2001
mia-43.html Mia and Umali Grandparents 7/30/2001
mia-42.html Mia and Allie 7/24/2001
mia-41.html Rick, Mia, and Ron 7/24/2001
mia-40.html Mom and Mia Reading Dr. Seuss 7/24/2001
mia-39.html Mia Getting Ready for Another Day at Day Care 7/24/2001
mia-38.html Mom and Mia 7/24/2001
mia-37.html My Mom, Dad, and Mia 7/24/2001
mia-36.html Mia and Aunt Claudia 7/22/2001
mia-35.html Mia and Gram and Aunt Claudia 7/22/2001
mia-34.html Mia and Great Grandmother 7/22/2001
mia-33.html Mia and Jenn's Dad 7/22/2001
mia-32.html Haley, Nicki, Jenn's Dad, and Mia 7/22/2001
mia-31.html Mia and Haley 7/22/2001
mia-30.html Mia, Mom, and Larry 7/22/2001
mia-29.html I think this one is a lightning bug 7/15/2001
mia-28.html Mia holding her head up on her mat 7/15/2001
mia-27.html Mia and Play-dee Bug 7/15/2001
mia-26.html Mia and Mom on a Saturday 7/15/2001
mia-25.html Mia in her saucer 7/11/2001
mia-24.html Mia and Mom Going to Day Care (At Church in Background) 7/5/2001
mia-23.html Mia Getting Ready for Day Care 7/5/2001
mia-22.html Mia and Magdalena Garvez, Rick's Aunt 7/5/2001
mia-21.html Mia and Grandpa Umali 7/5/2001
mia-20.html Mia and Ron, the Godfather 7/5/2001
mia-19.html Mia and Dad 7/5/2001
mia-18.html Mia with Paternal Grandparents 7/5/2001
mia-17.html Mom and Mia at Baptism 7/5/2001
mia-16.html Mia with Parents at Baptism 7/5/2001
mia-15.html Mia with Cute Outfit at 2 Months Old 6/10/2001
mia-14.html Mia with Dad 6/10/2001
mia-13.html Mia with Lulu Outfit 5/11/2001
mia-12.html Mia at about One Month 4/30/2001
mia-11.html Mia with Rick's Parents 4/30/2001
mia-10.html Mia with Jenn 4/30/2001
mia-09.html Rick with Mia - First Bath 4/30/2001
mia-08.html Mia eyeing Grandma Melinda 4/9/2001
mia-07.html Mia and Maternal Grandma Melinda and Mom 4/9/2001
mia-06.html Mia and Grateful Mommy 4/5/2001
mia-05.html Mia on her 'birth' day 4/4/2001
mia-04.html Mia in bassinet at the hospital 4/4/2001
mia-03.html Mia on her 'birth' day 4/4/2001
mia-02.html Mia at One Week in Grandpa Ron's Lap 4/3/2001
mia-01.html Mia at One Week 4/3/2001

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